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What is Beaver Dam Studios about?

Beaver Dam Studios was created by me, Anthony Custodio, or you may also know me by my online alias, Eltrotraw. I want to mold Beaver Dam Studios to building quality games for people to enjoy. Growing up, gaming was a huge influence on me, so I would love to create games that provide as much entertainment for others as they did for me.

The design philosophy I take for Beaver Dam Studios is to be simple to grasp, yet deep enough so that there's a lot more to it than the surface. I want to help make games that are accessible as possible, hence the design behind it.

This philosophy is, of course, heavily influenced by games that I've enjoyed over the years. Some of my favorite game series include Super Smash Brothers, Mega Man, and Zelda - the barrier to entry for these games aren't too high, and there's a lot more to do with them at a glance. Games are meant to be played to have fun, to unwind, to enjoy yourself. A high barrier to entry or frustrating game mechanics tend to take away from that, so I wish to avoid those as much as possible.

Ultimately, I want to develop games that are enjoyable for you, the reader. If you find something wrong with any of my games, or want to give any critique, feel free to do so. You can find ways to contact me through the "contact" icon up top.

Thank you for visiting, and please enjoy yourself.